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A Proven Approach

We are singularly focused on locating and recruiting the most qualified, interested leaders for your organization.

Search Initiation: It Starts With Listening to You

We begin with in-depth discussions of your needs, your environment, and the mission of the role. Whenever possible, we request the opportunity to meet the hiring manager and other key members within the organization. We want to learn your culture and what kinds of candidates would excel in it.

Define The Position
From there, we work with you to develop or refine the position description, as needed. Once this is completed, we engage our industry-experienced researchers to identify both active and passive candidates who are in comparable roles, and who may become interested in your opportunity once they learn about it.


Research is conducted for each engagement for several reasons: In today’s environment, people once willing to maintain their personal status quo may be very interested in hearing from us. Your opportunity may be a lifelong goal. Either way, new research is the most effective method to uncover passive, highly qualified professionals who may be perfect for your organization.

Candidate Presentation

Candidate Presentation and Evaluation

As we develop this group of potential candidates, we will review it with you, seeking any input you may have, then we will embark on making contact with them. We will personally meet with those who seem both interested and qualified, and provide you with our written evaluation of those we believe you should consider. We will then facilitate interviews with those you choose to meet.

Narrowing Your Selection

As the search narrows, we will continue to communicate with you to facilitate additional interviews, and gain information about the candidate(s) you may choose to move further into the process. Once a leading candidate is selected, we will conduct degree and certification validations and reference checks.


Wakerobin Partners assists you in negotiations with the selected candidate, as needed, until they are on board.

Performance Evaluation

Upon completion of every search, we meet with you to review our most recent project and learn what might be revised to perform even more effectively on your next search assignment.